CeramicArte Deruta creates very exclusive ceramic glazed lava stone work surfaces that are a masterpiece of Italian artisan craftsman-ship for daily use

Beauty and art in the service of every day life

We begin our production on Mount Etna, Sicily, with the careful hand selecting of the finest lava stone in the world. Forged by the three elements earth, fire, and water, our eternal lava stone is harder than granite and far more resistant. In Deruta, our 800 years of ceramic tradition transform our lava stone into a work of art that will last for generations. Our artisan tradition and traditional kills merge the most beautiful ceramic crystals with the eternal stone. The outcome is a heirloom products just like the works of art that Deruta displays in New York’s Metropolitan Museum and London’s British Museum. CeramicArte comes from Deruta, Italian capitol of ceramic art, and we will continue Deruta’s legacy. The colors and gloss of out surfaces come with a 100 year warranty in any outdoors conditions anywhere in the world. We decorate forever. Our artisans and artists turn our ceramic canvases into works of art. Your designs and imagination guide our passion for an end result that translates in pure emotions, from colors everlasting. Hence, we see ourselves as the artisans of your imagination. We are a family business and our business is simple, to bring the feelings of joys that our surfaces evoke to families around the world. Together we can make that dream a reality. 

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We are in Deruta , Perugia, Italy